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Personal core values is at the heart of what who believe, how we act, and, in essence, who we are. Etiquette, the process by which we treat others with courtesy, should be an extension of those core values. But if you do not know your core values, how would you know how to react in different situations?

Facing challenges

Core values are usually defined as characteristics such as integrity, commitment to excellence, commitment to seeing things through, honesty in the way you treat people, loyalty, respect for yourself and others, to name a few. Are you an innovator? Do you exude a positive attitude? All of these may be part of your core values.

In understanding these characteristics you have; the way you react and handle a situation, either consciously or subconsciously, the way you go about resolving conflict, all reflect on your core values. These core values will dictate how you treat people, whether with courtesy or otherwise and indicate whether etiquette has an important part in your life.

... and being successful

By understanding and leveraging your core values in everyday experiences, you will be on the path of developing a better you. Below you will find additional resources to help with this journey. Be honest with yourself, as you come to understand what makes you who you are. What are the things you like about yourself? What are the things you are not so proud of and how would you change those things. If a chain is only as strong as its weakest link, what are your weak links? Having completed this journey, you will find a more confident and relaxed you!

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