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Etiquette Questions: Vexing problem? She can help

Get your etiquette questions answered by our Ms Etiquette ... Practically speaking.

Continue reading "Etiquette Questions: Vexing problem? She can help"

Wedding Guest Etiquette: Expectations of the guest

When family or friends invite you to a wedding there are many wedding guest etiquette guidelines that people just expect you to somehow naturally know and follow.

Continue reading "Wedding Guest Etiquette: Expectations of the guest"

Travel Etiquette: Protocol on different travel mediums

As we move about for business or pleasure, Travel Etiquette addresses the different modes of transportation.

Continue reading "Travel Etiquette: Protocol on different travel mediums"

Table Manners: What others expect

Table manners are essential in properly presenting yourself.

Continue reading "Table Manners: What others expect"

“Let it go “

Should I let my nephew know , his mom ( my sis #2 )) didn’t invite us to wedding . My sis is handing out invitations to close family members , despite

Continue reading "“Let it go “"

Rudeness: How to Turn a Negative into A Positive

Rudeness is never acceptable, but how do you address the situation to turn it into a positive experience?

Continue reading "Rudeness: How to Turn a Negative into A Positive"

Table Etiquette: Simple Do's and Don'ts

Table etiquette is one of the first things we are taught. Some things to remember.

Continue reading "Table Etiquette: Simple Do's and Don'ts"

Online Dating: What to Consider

With the proliferation of online dating sites, here are some things to consider.

Continue reading "Online Dating: What to Consider"

Second Wedding Etiquette: Creating the Magic

Planning a second wedding can be stressful, but second wedding etiquette can help you avoid some faux pas.

Continue reading "Second Wedding Etiquette: Creating the Magic"

Save the Date Etiquette: Ensuring Your Event Date

Save the date etiquette ties into a lot of other types of practical etiquette including dinner invitation etiquette and wedding invitation etiquette.

Continue reading "Save the Date Etiquette: Ensuring Your Event Date"

Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette: Make it a Success!

Use rehearsal dinner etiquette to plan the last big event prior to the wedding.

Continue reading "Rehearsal Dinner Etiquette: Make it a Success!"

Messenger Etiquette: How to Text Appropriately

Messenger Etiquette provides guidelines for the appropriate use of cell phone messenger capabilities.

Continue reading "Messenger Etiquette: How to Text Appropriately"

Meeting Etiquette: Creating Meaningful Interaction

Use Meeting etiquette as a guide to conducting those important business meetings.

Continue reading "Meeting Etiquette: Creating Meaningful Interaction"

Reception Etiquette: How to Ensure a Fun Time to Celebrate the Wedding

The reception is time for fun, but there are some wedding reception etiquette guidelines to follow.

Continue reading "Reception Etiquette: How to Ensure a Fun Time to Celebrate the Wedding"

Japanese Etiquette: Understanding the Culture

Traveling in Japan it's impossible to overlook the differences in Japanese etiquette and customs compared to other parts of the world.

Continue reading "Japanese Etiquette: Understanding the Culture"

Etiquette Stories: Tell us your encounters

Etiquette stories come from many different topics. This page helps direct you to the specific topic of choice.

Continue reading "Etiquette Stories: Tell us your encounters"

Mobile & Internet Etiquette: How to Be Effective

Internet etiquette influences the usage of the new mobile and internet technologies.

Continue reading "Mobile & Internet Etiquette: How to Be Effective"

India Etiquette: Understanding behaviors

India etiquette begins with understanding that the social order of things is very important here.

Continue reading "India Etiquette: Understanding behaviors"

Importance of Manners: Its place in today's society

Examining the importance of manners in today's society

Continue reading "Importance of Manners: Its place in today's society"

Celebration Invitation

My daughter has recently started a relationship with a divorced man with children. This past weekend my daughter met his children for the first time.

Continue reading "Celebration Invitation"

Money in a graduation kindergarten

My great grandson graduating from kindergarten. I am unable to attend. My granddaughter asked if I would like to send a card. Is she expecting me to send

Continue reading "Money in a graduation kindergarten "

French Etiquette: Being a cultural fit

France is a lovely country, and like any area rich in history and culture there are specifics to French etiquette and customs that one should know before traveling there.

Continue reading "French Etiquette: Being a cultural fit"

How to Gain Respect

Many people are focused on how to gain respect, but is it as simple as showing respect?

Continue reading "How to Gain Respect"

Having Respect for Others

Having respect for others is predicated on having an open mind.

Continue reading "Having Respect for Others"

Tipping Etiquette

Tipping Etiquette supplies what to tip your server in a given situation

Continue reading "Tipping Etiquette"

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