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The groom's mother died a few months ago. Feelings are raw and sad. But we support our nephew to marry in November because he needs and loves this woman. My sister blessed the union and gave him her ring to give the bride.

The divorce between my sister and my ex brother in law was acrimonious. Awful.

He remarried an evil and conniving witch who wants my nephew to inherit nothing and her two girls to gain. She has advised the grooms father that he should not pay for more than a certain number at the rehearsal dinner, only chicken should be served, no music (too expensive) and they have not offered to help with the honeymoon or any of the other traditional grooms expenses.

My nephew graduated college and has a job but is 26 and has no big bank acct. His dad is a millionaire 3 times over plus. He is his ONLY child. Regretably, the father is taking cues from the wicked stepmother who is jealous of the young beauty my nephew is going to marry and doesn't want them to have a nice wedding.

Questions: 1. Can we eliminate the stepmother from the engagement announcement? Say the "late" .... and the fathers name?
2. Where does his grandmother sit at the wedding (mother of his true mother who died)? Front row? With the dad and evil stepmother behind them? Other grandparents are deceased.

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by: Ms P Etiquette


My, this is a real mess! Never is there room for jealously or greed in proper etiquette, so we know the new wife is exhibiting very poor behavior. Having said that, it is really up to the groom’s father to fight this battle. It appears that he has chosen to take another path, however. In order to have a wedding that will be memorable for the love and not the hate that is surrounding the event, I suggest you do all you can to keep emotions quiet and try your best to support your nephew while he deals with his father.

To answer question #1- There is no reason to put the new wife’s name on the announcement, especially since the groom’s mother passed away so recently. As far as where the grandmother sits, please consult the wedding planner and/or minister for an opinion. But, I say yes, she should be in the front row. His father should be there as well, however, it does not seem likely this will happen. His sitting in the row behind seems reasonable to me.

I hope it all works out for you.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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