Customs and Etiquette

As we travel from place to place, we will discover customs and etiquette will vary. Here is an examination of various countries and how the unique customs of each will impact what is defined as etiquette. It is important that we understand these nuances so that we will be viewed as a welcomed guest and not an inconsiderate outsider.

One of the favorite battle cries by politicians today is how they represent and understand American Family Values. But what is it really, and how do the basic tenants of family play into every fiber of the American society, from basic American values, to American business etiquette and to USA flag etiquette and patriotism? What is it about American cultural values that define the essence of who the people of the United States are? It is these American values that drives the great generosity to help those in need on the one hand, but also the entrepreneurial spirit and competitive nature to always strive to be number 1. This is a brief overview for those dealing with or visiting the United States to better understand what makes its people tick.

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China has become the second largest economy in the world and is now viewed as a prime location for business expansion. An understanding of Chinese business etiquette will be essential to gaining a purposeful foothold in that market. What are the unique characteristics of Chinese customs and etiquette one must understand when approaching this burgeoning giant? What does one need to know to successfully collaborate and work with Chinese society?

An understanding of Japanese etiquette will aid in understanding of how to present yourself to the Japanese people. A traditional and proud people, what are the essentials in forging good relations. If looking to develop business relationships, Japanese business etiquette will guide you along a proper path. What customs and etiquette should you know and honor when interacting with the Japanese people.

Our friends "down under" have long been a wonderful place to visit and feel comfortable. What Australian values help make the people of Australia who they are? When engaging with the Australians, what should you know to ensure that you get off on the right foot? An understanding of Australian values will help you maximize your experience, be it on a business or personal level.

 customs and etiquette, american family values, australian values, army values, chinese business etiquette

The French and etiquette have long been synonymous, but what is it about French etiquette that makes it uniquely French? French etiquette will help you understand what is expected both professional and socially, and perhaps, provide a different view of the French culture.

The people of the Philippines are a family oriented culture. Filipino values provide insight into the people of the Philippines and the importance of family as part of society. Enhance your relationships with the people of the Philippines by understanding values from their perspective.

India is a rising country and one that will continue to make an impact on the economic front. Understanding India etiquette will enable you to be in a better position to develop strong professional and personal relationships. A very friendly people, an attempt to utilize India etiquette will be viewed as a sincere step in forging a strong bond.

The military is a bit different from the other categories examined, but what is it about the people in the military that makes then so unique? Army values examine this love of country and patriotism that permits these unique people to put their country and fellow citizens before themselves as they seek to keep their country safe. Every country is lucky to have such people. Understanding their value structure will provide us a greater appreciation of these people.

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