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Share your wedding stories, the good the bad and the ugly. What were the key things you did to ensure the wedding of your dreams? How did the planning come together? And the day itself? What were some of the things you might have done differently? And what tools helped you bring together this monolith of a task into digestible chunks?

There is no doubt that a wedding is one of the biggest days in a couple’s life. And the year+ planning does nothing to diminish the stress on putting together this most important day. In the wedding section of Practical Etiquette, over twenty topics are covered, ranging from the engagement, to planning the wedding and who pays for what, right up to the special day, including Church etiquette and the wedding stories, proper wedding etiquette, wedding reception etiquette, wedding shower etiquette reception. Topics such as the wedding party, expected dress for various types of weddings to wedding shower etiquette and how to identify the proper gift. Organizing and executing a wedding is truly a monumental task. In addition to just the mechanics of the various traditions leading up to and including the wedding, there is the whole family dynamics from both sides, in most cases interacting as a collective unit for the first time, which ultimately lead to some interesting issues (and stories) that must be resolved by the bride and groom. Yes, unfortunately, the bride and groom as it is their day.

Wedding stories ... the magical day, everything is perfect, and ... and ... wait did that really happen at the reception? Uncle Pete, who you haven’t seen for at least ten years and Aunt Harriet, who you have met maybe once, can’t sit together and this throws off the whole seating chart? (Count on a few of these ... from both sides).

In all seriousness, tell us about how everything came together so well, from the invitation straight through to the honeymoon. How did great planning make that magical day come true?

wedding stories, proper wedding etiquette, wedding reception etiquette, wedding shower etiquette

Most weddings are magical and beautiful and everything could not be more perfect. What made those weddings so? What do you look for in the perfect wedding? And what are some of the stories you would rather sweep under the rug?

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We would love to hear it! Share your experience about how good wedding etiquette (including engagement, rehearsals, invitations, and everything related to the wedding) has made the difference for you!

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Below are wedding etiquette stories from other reader.

Wedding talk show Not rated yet
I was in the middle of a wedding ceremony when two people behind me started talking about the bride and the groom. It sounded like a talk show gossip! …

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