Graduation Announcement Etiquette

When graduation time arrives, knowing graduation announcement etiquette, graduation gift etiquette and general etiquette and manners can help you greatly. Most schools limit the number of people you can invite because they have limited space. So step one in graduation etiquette is remember to tell people that are not getting a formal invitation the reason why. This avoids a lot of hard feelings. When followed by an Announcement, it helps keep these individuals feeling involved in the overall celebration.

Timing is Everything

Unlike an invitation graduation announcements go out after the formal ceremony. People receiving them are under no obligation to send gifts. The announcement simply acts as a polite way to keep everyone connected and informed. A one to two week window is ideal. The only exception to this rule is if you’re having a party in connection with the graduation so as to welcome more guests. In that case, get the announcements out at least two weeks before graduation.

If any of these individuals choose to send a gift, graduation gift etiquette demands a hand written thank you note, responding in a timely manner, but no later than 1 month after receipt. Make the thank you note personal and expressive. 3 sentences is about right. If the person sent money, it’s nice to indicate what you’re doing with it.

graduation announcement etiquette, graduation etiquette, graduation gift etiquette, etiquette and manners

Neatness Counts

In preparing the envelopes think “black tie” type announcement formalities. Use black or blue ink, and avoid abbreviations. Write out street, road, and the state name. If anyone has a designation such as Doctor, use that title on the outer envelope. The inner envelope is more personal. Use a couple’s first names, or a relation’s title like Aunt Mary.

In terms of wording the announcement gives the date of the graduation and the degree received. It should include a note that gifts are optional. The announcement should utilize the same type of paper as the graduation invitations unless the school issued the invitations. In this case graduation announcement etiquette says its find to use something more personal – perhaps stationary in your school colors, for example.

graduation announcement etiquette, graduation etiquette, graduation gift etiquette, etiquette and manners


If something goes awry then neither invitations nor announcements should go out. This is one of the reasons for waiting until a 2 week window before the graduation to send either. By then the student should be wholly aware of any problems that could delay graduation.

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