Interview Etiquette

Interview etiquette will give you a great advantage over other applicants. Going to a job interview can be intimidating and you can feel very nervous and anxious. You are talented and you are perfectly qualified for the position. While you concentrate on the questions and how you will answer them the best way possible, let your appearance tell your interviewer why the job is already yours.

Here are some etiquette points to consider:

1) First things first: read about the company and see how your talents can help perfectly to achieve the company’s goals. Don’t sell yourself short, but don’t exaggerate either. Be confident in who you are and what you have to offer. Practice how you will answer the questions, aiming to always look calm and confident.

2) Be perfectly groomed, your hair in perfect condition, prepared for weather conditions, an extra pair of pantyhose, clean shoes, clean and pressed clothes.

3) Bring with you several copies of your resume or curriculum vitae, the address and phone number of the location where your interview will take place, the names and their perfect pronunciation of the people you are meeting, and a notepad and a nice pen.

4) Get to your interview 5 minutes early. Never be late!

5) Do not chew gum.

6) Do not smoke.

7) Do not address people by first name, unless they ask you to do so.

8) Do not sit down before they ask you to do so.

9) Do not play with your hair, your fingers, your clothes ... In other words, stay calm and relaxed. Show confidence in yourself.

10) Dress properly. Yes, they will judge you according to the way you look. They want to do business with someone professional and responsible who also looks the part. Here are some guidelines:

Interview Etiquette for For Men

a. Wear a suit. Even if you are applying for a job that has an informal environment, the first impression they have of you is interview etiquette, job interview etiquette, phone interviewing the most important to get the contract.

b. Choose white or light blue. No stripes, no logos, no bright colors. Cotton fabric is best.

c. Wear a conservative tie, silk and dark colors.

d. Wear socks that are coordinated with the color of your suit. Make sure they are long so you don’t show skin in case you cross your legs.

e. Wear leather shoes, preferably black, well polished and no rubber soles. Make sure the heels are not worn down.

f. Limit your jewelry to a watch and a wedding band (if you are married).

g. Limit your cologne to the aftershave scent, very subtle and fresh.

h. Carry with you a small leather briefcase, properly organized in case you need to open it.

Interview Etiquette For Women

a. Wear a suit.

b. Wear a long-sleeve blouse, cotton or silk, neutral color.

interview etiquette, job interview etiquette, phone interviewingc. Wear shoes that are in perfect condition, medium heel and complement the color of your suit and your handbag. Never wear open-toe shoes for an interview.

d. Wear stockings that match your skin color or are one shade darker.

e. If you bring a briefcase, don’t bring a handbag. Briefcase is number one choice over handbags.

f. Keep jewelry to a minimum. Small earrings, discreet watch, wedding ring (if you are married), a strand of pearls or a simple gold chain, nothing bold, nothing eye-catching.

g. Keep your perfume scent very subtle.

h. Keep your makeup very light, day makeup, matte colors, in harmony within the face. For instance, don’t wear brown eye shadow with purple lipstick. Remember, makeup is to enhance your beauty, not an extension of your clothes.

Following these simple rules certainly will give you a great start to a wonderful career in the company of your choice. Always err on the side of formality.

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