Airplane Etiquette

Airplane etiquette starts at home, from the moment we decide to travel. It is very common to travel by airplane, even though it is necessary to spend more time at the airport and have better packing techniques in order to make everything visible and easy to check.

Here are some airplane etiquette guidelines to follow:

airplane etiquette, travel etiquette, business etiquette tips, polite manners, proper manners1) Check with the airline the size for carry-on luggage, how many pieces you are allowed to bring with you and items not allowed in the plane.

2) Check your documentation: passport, visas, other form of picture ID, time of departure, connecting flights, and hours in advance to be at the airport. Also, verify your transportation will be on time to take you to the airport.

3) Pack your small items in transparent bags in your carry-on piece. This way you facilitate the inspection and help speed the process.

4) Wear comfortable shoes, easy on - easy off, just in case you are asked to remove them when you go through the security gates.

5) As you are at the gate waiting to board, do not place your luggage on the chairs if the waiting area is crowded.

6) Keep your cell phone conversations to a minimum.

7) Don’t stand at the gate if your seat is not called. Standing passengers with no business there only obstruct the flow of the passengers called.

8) While you board the plane, keep your luggage in front of you, not at your side. This way you will not bump the passengers already in their seats.

9) If you have an aisle seat, keep your elbows and feet inside your seating area.

10) Treat all flight attendants with courtesy and a smile.

airplane etiquette, travel etiquette, business etiquette tips, polite manners, proper manners 11) If you are going to have a drink, remember that alcohol hits harder at high altitudes. Make a wise decision, especially if you are heading to a business meeting right after landing.

12) Have proper personal hygiene before you board an airplane and avoid perfume. The strength of a scent multiplies at high altitudes.

13) Do not take off your shoes! Imposing your foot odor is more than rude to your fellow passengers.

14) If you find friends in the airplane, do not stand in the aisle while you have a long chat with them. Aisles must be clear all the time.

15) Leave the lavatory clean and neat, just the way you want to find it.

16) After landing, wait for your turn to leave the plane. Don’t bump passengers to be first. Let the flight attendant know if your time is tight to go to your connecting flight, so he/she can arrange a seat for you near the exit.

17) Be courteous and patient all the time.

If there are delays due to bad weather conditions or technical maintenance, be thankful instead of angry. Being on the ground is better than being in the air with difficulties, don’t you think?

Enjoy your flight!

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