Baby Shower

by Sandy
(Milwaukee WI)

My son and his wife are having a baby in April. His Father and I have not been together for over 25 yrs, he is married with a teen age son of his own. I am throwing a baby shower for my daughter in law and the baby. I did invite my sons Grandma and Aunts on his Dads side of the family, because we have always remained friends. I did not invite his Dads wife because she is not a very nice person. Well his Dad called my son up asking why his wife wasn't invited so now my son feels stuck in the middle, and is asking me to invite her. I feel this is my shower for my family and people I decide to invite and I don't want to invite her, it is too awkward. But I told my son if he really wanted me too do it I would. HELP!

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Baby Shower Invitations
by: Ms P Etiquette


While I can empathize with your feelings, I cannot agree that this is your shower. It is for your son's wife. She may one day be the mother of your grand children, whom you will share with your ex husband AND his wife. In addition, your son is in the middle of an ongoing unpleasantness between two adults to whom he is related. In a blended family, whether we like it or not, harmony demands tolerance and understanding. Everyone, including you, will benefit from an inclusive atmosphere within the family. Why not begin now with a changed attitude? Perhaps you can avoid this anger and discomfort in family gatherings in the years to come.

Just be nice so you can enjoy family events with those you love AND their loved ones!

Ms Practical Etiquette

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