Baptism Etiquette

Knowing a little baptism etiquette can make you feel much more at ease at an event in which many people have little experience. Baptism gift etiquette and having good etiquette and manners prepared never hurts.

A baptism represents a religious event. A child is being received into the church and congregation. This is a little different from a christening in which a child traditionally receives his or her name. Note, however, that many baptisms combine these two into one affair.

Other names sometimes used for a baptism include a Naming Ceremony and a Dedication. These two alternatives may or may not be religious in nature, but serve a similar purpose of greeting the child and welcoming him or her into the extended family.


On average a baptism takes place within the first six months of a child’s life. Invitation protocol instructs mailing the invitations about four weeks before the event. This gives family and friends from out of town enough time to plan their travels.

 baptism etiquette, baptism gift etiquette, etiquette and manners

As far as attendees go, close friends and family members, and their partners or children usually litter the invitation list. Either the parents of the newborn or the godparents take care of sending invitations. If there is a reception following the event, the invitation should include an address and directions for people unfamiliar with the area.

As with other formal occasions, remember avoiding abbreviations on the outside and inside of the invitation. Personalize and sign them.


The basic rule for baptism etiquette in terms of what to wear is think of the typical “Sunday best” outfits. Keep in mind that the vast majority of baptisms occur in churches – keep it simple and tasteful (nothing too flashy).

Baptism Gift Etiquette

If you’ve chosen godparents for your child, it’s customary to present them with a gift, and the godparents likewise bring something for the baby, often made out of silver (representing a wish for prosperity). Thus the phrase, "born with a silver spoon." (See the Related Links section below for gifts for the baby).

The parents of the child should donate money to the officiant and potentially also the church. Sometimes it’s acceptable to provide the officiant a gift instead.

Attendees do not have to bring a gift for the family or baby, especially if you attended a shower before the child’s birth.

 baptism etiquette, baptism gift etiquette, etiquette and manners

At the Ceremony

If you’re provided with a booklet that describes the order of the ritual, take a quick peek. You want to know what, if anything, is expected of guests. Religious ceremonies often include group movements, words, or singing. If you keep your eyes on people in front of you, and do your best to follow along, Miss Manners will be pleased.

Even if you don’t get everything right, practical etiquette bases itself in thoughtfulness. Your baptism etiquettes shines from a joyful heart. Let that guide you.

Baptism Invitations

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