Best way to respond to a greeting.

by Julia Bateman
(Austin, Tx)

I have always been told when asked "How are you?" to respond "Well, thank you" But what happens when the other person says "well" when asked and then asks "how are you?" I am at a loss, what to say. Do I say "well, also, thank you"?
I want to sound sincere, but the last response always sounds ackward to me. Any suggetsions

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by: Ms P Etiquette


I love this question! “ Thank you” has always been considered the correct response. However, I’ve come to realize that being asked this question gives one the opportunity to spread some positive energy. Any reply that conveys your joy with your life or the world goes a long way to lighten up someone else’s worry or heavy load. I usually respond: “I am excellent, thank you and I hope you are as well.” It always brings a smile to even the most sour face!

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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