If a person lets others know that they are taking a job in another state, who is the one that calls about the day leaving? The person who wants to know so they can come over and say good bye...or is the person leaving suppose to call and tell what date he is leaving ? I always thought that if you knew someone was leaving and YOU want to say good bye, you should be the one to call...

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Notifying friends
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Leaving Town,

There is no firm rule about this scenario because each situation is different. It is polite to inquire the date a friend is leaving town once you hear the news of the new job, etc. You may learn about a friend's departure from a third party in which case a call from you wishing your friend success in the new job is very appropriate. Whether you call or the friend calls you is not important. Practical etiquette suggests one not leave town without goodbyes to friends and family so the one leaving should always make an effort to do so.

Thank you for this interesting question.
Ms Practical Etiquette

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