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Should cell phones be banned from the classroom?

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From an etiquette standpoint ...
by: Miss P Etiquette

Dear ??,

Any discussion of things that cause distraction and disruption of an organized gathering is fraught with personal agendas, so I am going to address ONLY the practical etiquette involved.

In a classroom, whose purpose is the education of the attendees, disruption of any kind is impolite. From talking to the person next to you to speaking out without permission, one is violating the principles of practical etiquette. Therefore, cell phones in a classroom would definitely qualify as distractions to the audience, whether everyone had a phone or not.

From a Practical Etiquette viewpoint, phones should not be allowed in the classroom. Whatever happened to spitballs and paper airplanes?

Actually, that violated the Practical Etiquette guidelines as well!!

Kind regards,

Miss Practical Etiquette

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