Christmas Etiquette

Christmas is coming! A good dose of Christmas etiquette will help you with all the stress of holiday shopping, mailing, traveling, cooking ... and don’t forget the parties! Believe it or not, following certain guidelines will keep you out of trouble and regrets.

Here they are:

1) Start your holiday shopping during the year and until the last week of November. This way you will avoid the crowds, the stress, and spending without thinking about the person you are buying for.

christmas etiquette, holiday etiquette, inlaws, american family values, family time management2) Send your holiday mailings during the first week of December. This way you avoid big lines and you assure your cards and packages to arrive before Christmas.

3) Make holiday reservations in advance, both in hotels and transportation. Demand is high during this season and you don’t want surprises at the last minute.

4) Plan your holiday menu. Try new recipes for meals and desserts. Don’t forget the cookies!

5) Prepare your house for your guests, especially if they are staying several days. Make sure you have enough bed sheets, blankets, towels, basic toiletries (like soap, toilet paper, hair drier, extra tooth brushes and tooth paste, etc.) and the heater in the guest room is working properly.

6) Let your guests know what the rules of your house are, like wake-up time, breakfast time, lunch time, dinner and bed time. Also, if your guests go out on their own, let them know at what time they are expected to arrive home, especially if they are teenagers. Open communication saves relationships.

christmas etiquette, holiday etiquette, inlaws, american family values, family time management 7) Go disposable in your parties. Serve no messy food on disposable dishes, glasses and silverware. Get plenty of napkins.

8) Set a limit if you are serving alcohol. Try to avoid your guests get drunk, especially if there are children around. Also, have ready the phone number of a taxi service for your guests who need a ride home.

9) If you are a guest, set your limits drinking alcohol. This way you will avoid saying the wrong things to the wrong people and behaving in an embarrassing way. You may regret it later, especially if this is an office party…

10) Avoid touching sensitive issues in your conversations. Think before you speak.

11) Send a "thank you" card to your host. Tell him/her how much you enjoyed staying at his/her home.

12) Be positive and ... smile!

Merry Christmas! Spread a little Christmas Cheer with Christmas Etiquette

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