Cruise Etiquette

Taking a cruise is quite an experience, and cruise etiquette is a must to help you as you learn to share the same space with hundreds or thousands of people. If you've never been on a cruise, there is no doubt you've heard about the wonderful meals, shows, amazing adventures when you dock, and all of the things you can do on the boat. Clearly, as it is your shipmates' vacation as well, learning how to share all of the amenities will be key for everyone to have a most enjoyable cruise and want to come back again and again.

Some guidelines to make your vacation more enjoyable are:

cruise etiquette, travel etiquette, business etiquette tips, polite manners, proper manners1) If you don’t have it already in your cruise package, ask the cruise line the appropriate dress code for events and activities.

2) Don’t cut in line to get on board. Your rudeness will be remembered by other passengers during your trip.

3) Start brief conversations with other passengers. It is always pleasant to see familiar faces during a trip of several days, and not just a big group of strangers.

4) Don’t reserve deck chairs for you for the whole day. They are in high demand, so use them for only the time you are going to be sunbathing or reading.

5) Follow the rules for jogging time. Jogging after hours disturbs the passengers whose cabins are beneath the jogging deck.

6) If you use the hot tub, limit your time to approximately 25 minutes. The number of hot tubs is limited and staying longer is rude for the other passengers waiting to use them.

cruise etiquette, travel etiquette, business etiquette tips, polite manners, proper manners7) Don’t take more seats at entertainment events than yours and your travel companion’s. The demand for these seats is high and it is very rude to reserve for a group of people. First come, first served.

8) Do not talk during the shows.

9) Keep it quiet all the time. Don’t slam your door or talk loudly on private balconies.

10) If you have any noise complaints, call Security.

11) Treat the deckhands, bartenders and the wait service with respect. Remember they know the ship well and are much more likely to help those who are courteous than those who are obnoxious. They are there to make your voyage more pleasant, make their's pleasant as well.


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