Dad's girlfriend, thanks but no thanks!

by Ed
(Ft.. Lauderdale)

Help! Everytime we want to invite my dad over to spend time with his grandchildren he always brings along his crazy girlfriend. We have made numerous attempts at asking it to be "Only family" coming over but he just doesn't seen to get the hint. Is it rude to blatantly tell him that we do not like her company and really don't want her around our kids? She's always bad mouthing my dad and seems to be on too much prescription medicine that she falls asleep on our couch after serving herself with her fingers from all of the food! We always think the relationship will be over any day but 9 years later... She's still here! Please help!

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Gracious Acceptance
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Ed-

What a sad situation. And a difficult one to fix as well.

It appears that your father comes bundled with his long term girlfriend and has decided to ignore your "hints" about coming alone. I doubt you will be able to change him so you have a decision to make. Do you want your kids to spend time with their grandfather? If so, you will have to accept the whole package. If her behavior is acceptable to your father, your aversion to her antics is secondary.

Unfortunately, family can be messy. But it is the hand you have been dealt. Practical etiquette says you play it with gracious acceptance.

Good luck.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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