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Dating stories are a natural outcrop of our experiences in the world of dating. In the dating etiquette pages we speak about how you should act on a date and expectations for creating a successful date atmosphere. The first date page speaks to how to properly prepare for that first date with the possible future "special someone."

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On both cases, topics like being on time, giving your undivided attention, picking the proper location, and other such insights are discussed. As I am sure you agree, establishing an atmosphere of trust, comfort and relaxed feel are the key things that the couple is shooting for. Sometimes, however, things do not go quite as planned or hoped for to no fault of either person. Sometimes the "fit" isn't there. Or maybe it has nothing to do with compatibility, but something went radically wrong on the date … an environmental impact. What do you do to correct the situation? What are the things you will seek to fix versus realize this date is heading down a bad path and look to abort? When such things happen, do you consider another date, or are you done. What are the things that help determine that?

We all have dating stories ... from both sides of the fence. Ones where the other person seemed so polite and easy to speak to ... wow we thought ... And then there were the ones from the other end of the spectrum ... Did this person just fall off the turnip truck?? Or maybe the other person was "extremely important" ... well must've been given the number of times he/she was texting or on the phone. What were they thinking? What were you thinking? How did you handle the situation? What do you consider to determine if the date and relationship are salvageable versus beyond help? Help us understand your perspective on what you look for to decide your next move.

dating etiquette, dating manners, online dating etiquette, definition of respect, etiquette

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