ex wife

by Marti
(Los Angeles)

I am out of town for business and it is my boyfriend of nine years birthday.
His ex wife who has been so mean and tried to turn their children against him has invited him to come over for his birthday to cook him dinner. She heard he was going to be alone from their daughter who is also out of town for his birthday. The ex wife did invite their son and his family. But I don't think it's right. Especially since she has done nothing but create hell for us for many years.

Is this ok for him to accept her invite? Am I being jealous or selfish?

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by: Ms P Etiquette


Pardon me if this question upsets you, but what has this to do with you? I assume your boyfriend is capable of making this decision by himself, as he should. If his ex wife has mistreated the two of you, perhaps he won't want to go. However, if he wishes to spend his birthday with their son and his family it would be terribly rude to try to persuade him against going, even if his ex wife is instigating the celebration. There are more people involved here than just the two of you. Blended families can be challenging and requires extra care.

The very fact that you asked the question tells me you are not jealous or selfish, just human.

Good luck,

Ms Practical Etiquette

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