Gift for son's girlfriend

My son has a fairly serious girlfriend, and she is a runner. I bought her a pair of shwings, which are wings you can put on your shoes, more as a joke than anything else (they are supposed to make you fly). Anyway, my wife thinks that it is inappropriate for me to give her a gift. Your thoughts?

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello gift giving dad,

Does your wife think the gift is inappropriate or that your giving the gift is out of line? Since I do not know you, your wife, your son or his girlfriend, I cannot comment on the appropriateness of the item. However, a man giving another man's girlfriend a gift may be awkward even if this involves your own son. It is likely to make the girlfriend uncomfortable. However, if you are all close enough to accept this as a winged shoe joke, then perhaps it is fine. Please consider the comfort of your wife, the girl friend and your son before you do any gift giving. Good manners ask that we avoid behavior that disturbs the tranquility of others. Perhaps this is one of those occasions?

Good luck.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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