Gifts for my step brothers kids I haven't met?

by Auntie
(Ice Cream Ville)

My step-brother and I are 2 months apart and were raised together from the time we were 6, but then we lost contact for about 4 years and in that time he got married and now has 2 stepchildren and 2 of his own children. (I also had a son in that time and he hasn't seen my daughter since she was an infant). We reconnected through Facebook and his kids have always known I'm their aunt and had seen baby pictures of my daughter. His wife and I knew each other when our kids were infants (we were friendly but not friends) but that was the last time I saw her children. We talk about camping together this next summer... We live in different states and I was wondering if I should send them ice cream gift cards (like I do for my little brothers kids) for Christmas this year or if I should wait until after I actually meet them????

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Auntie,

In this instance, the decision is totally up to you. If it were I, all the kids would get an ice cream gift card, providing I could afford to do so. That way you are the nice, cool Auntie when you all meet! Blended families can be complicated at times, but this situation is very simple as I described above.

Good luck, Auntie.

Ms. Practical Etiquette

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