graduation party for non graduate

We've been invited to a graduation party for twins. One graduated one didn't and may or may not try to complete his education. I'm sure he wouldn't even be having a party but it just riding on the shirt tail of his sibling. Should we gift both the same? Just gift one? Afterall, it is a reward for graduating.

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Specifics about the Invitation
by: Ms P Etiquette

Graduation Party Attendee:

Was the invitation specific for both of the boys? OR is it simply a graduation party where both boys will be in attendance?

If the family is indicating that both graduated by including them both as honorees, then get both a card. You might want to write something about wishing him well for his future graduation, but don't leave him out. As far as gifts go, proper etiquette does not require you to give gifts of similar value to siblings, whether they both graduated or not. So perhaps a little token gift for the one left behind and a more significant gift for the true graduate is a good plan.

Thank you for your questions and good luck!

Ms Practical Etiquette

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