Graduation party gift giving in return

by Robin

How do you handle this.

My daughter graduated .. we planned a party sent out invitation to people.. some of who as well had children graduating.. many of those people did not have parties or celebrations but had private events with family however they attended our party which was wonderful and gave our daughter a gift($$$$$) to those who attended who had a son or daughter who as well graduated at the same time but had no party should I essentially give them something as well.

I received no announcement or invitation.

How do you handle this?

I thought at one point sending half of what they gave my daughter back..


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Graduation Gifts
by: Ms P Etiquette


Quid pro quo is always difficult. And surely not the intention of the gift giver. But if you want a balance sheet to decide this for you, why not figure the cost per person of your daughter's party. Then subtract this amount from the gift she received. Now you have the actual monetary value of your daughter's gift. Use this number as the basis of your gift calculation.

Or you could just send a card with a small gift to each of the other graduates, which I am sure they will appreciate. You are not expected to send money when you receive money. And there is no rule that says you cannot acknowledge an occasion if you do not receive an announcement.

Sometimes the best decision is made when you follow your heart. I hope this helps.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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