Grandfather & Step Grandmother

by Kimberly
(Waterford, CA USA)

What to get a 15 year old Grandson for a Baptism Gift? What is the proper etiquette for this event gift,Dress etc.?

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Interesting question
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Kimberly~

This is an interesting question. And there is not one right answer.

The attire depends upon the church and/or denomination and its restrictions, if any; the formality of the grandson's immediate family and your own comfort. It is probably appropriate for you to dress like you would for any special church service unless black tie is requested.

What would please a 15 year old boy? That is the question to ask yourself. The gift does not have to be obviously related to his baptism. Your gift should reflect your feelings about him on this occasion while being an item he will love. Also enclosing a card that addresses the importance of his baptism would make it perfect.

Your being there to help mark this special day is also a great gift to him and his parents.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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