This is my first grandchild and would like to send an e-mail to my friends and family announcing the arrival. Some of these people do not know my son (nor his name) but I am proud to share the good news with them via e-mail. Can you give me the right etiquette for doing this and how I should phase the announcement..also they may wish to send a gift but how should I write my son's address and not look like we are asking for a present. E-mail has changed so much of the way we communicate and some people are not that close (neighbors) that I want to send a written announcement especially since my son is 45 years old and doesn't really know these people. I just feel I want to share the great news.

Any help will be appreciated.

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Elaine~

Congratulations on your entry into grandparenthood! It is an exciting adventure.

If you want to share your happy news via email instead of sending a written note or announcement card, then treat it as you would any email to a friend. It does not matter whether your friends know your son or not. You are sharing your good news with them, not his news.

Do not put your son's address in the email. That would be very poor manners. If any of your friends wish to mark the occasion with a gift, they can ask you for the address.

As far as how you word the email, that is up to you. It is informal and should be newsy rather than a structured text. Just tell your friends what is in your heart and if possible, attach a photo of the baby. Everyone loves baby pictures!

Thank you for your interesting question.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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