In memoriam Brother in wedding party

by Jessica

My fiance and I are getting married in January, 2013, which will be 2 years since his brother passed away. My fiance doesn't have close friends, and wouldn't agree to any groomsmen because he wanted his brother to be his best man, and having any other person standing there felt like replacing his brother. I agreed that we could name his brother as best man in programs, etc, and he agreed to having my brother and his dad stand with him at our wedding. My original thought was to list his father as a groomsman, but my fiance wants him listed as standing in for his brother, not as a groomsman in his own right. My question is, how to I represent this? I had thought, Best Man: Brandon W in memoriam, Steven W standing but it sounds sort of off. I'd love some advice!

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A Nice Handling
by: Ms P Etiquette


How tragic for your fiancé to lose his beloved brother. Such a loss requires a tremendous amount of closure. Perhaps your wedding party can be a part of this process for both of you.

I think your solution is a good one and your verbiage is perfect. Everyone will understand that he is honoring his brother while entrusting this honor to his father.

Warm wishes for a happy life together, Jessica.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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