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Our use of the Internet and social media has given rise to some interesting internet stories. Whether it is in the well known platforms like Facebook and Twitter, social interaction has changed forever. In addition, "texting" has also crept into the communication channel and may even be replacing email as the preferred method, due to the "instant access" nature. I can be sitting in a room with my daughter when she and her friend erupt into laughter due to a funny text. It seems texting has also replaced actually speaking for some people.

In addition, employers have recently begun scanning Facebook and other social media sites to get a better handle on prospective internet etiquette, internet manners, email etiquette, blog etiquette, cell phone manners job applicants. How does this change how you think about the use of Facebook and other such sites? Some employers take this a step further by forbidding their employees from having private Facebook or Twitter accounts because of the fear that a misguided Facebook post or tweet could lead to bad information leading to liability for the company. What can be done to provide our "freedom of speech" rights without creating a liability for the company we work for or ourselves?

The Internet is a fairly recent event in human interaction. Due to the advent of these tools, etiquette rules are rushing to catch up and keep up. Are the rules of etiquette in the "virtual world" really all that different from the "real world"? We all have our Internet stories to tell ... How do you think people act? Does the veil of secrecy make people feel like they can "act out" in ways they would not in the "real world." And is the "virtual world" really all that virtual anymore? Have we internet etiquette, internet manners, email etiquette, blog etiquette, cell phone manners sacrificed privacy as a trade off for 24x7 access to information, including information on ourselves?

How do you utilize and handle this powerful new 24x7 human interaction machine that allows us to cross state and country lines from the comfort of our own homes. How do you display proper practical etiquette? How do you work with your children to keep them safe?

Have A Great Story About Internet Etiquette?

We would love to hear it! Share your experience about how good Internet etiquette (including cell phones and other electronic gadgets) has made the difference for you!

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