Is it okay?

by Joe

I have been dating my girlfriend for about 6 months now. Shortly before we started dating, her and her boyfriend of 7 years, who she had a daughter with and had a house with separated. Her and her ex are very good parents to their daughter. They always put her first and I completely respect that. However, they want to start going on trips together so that the daughter can still experience trips with her family. As much as I think its great that they want to do that, in my position, I don't think its right for her to be going away with her ex and staying in the same hotel room overnight. Her and I were talking about a future together before this came up, and as much as I love that she wants this for her daughter, I think she should be considering my feelings on this matter too. I'm not sure what I should do or if I'm over thinking this. A little advice would be very much appreciated.

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Joe,

This is certainly not an etiquette question as much as a relationship dilemma, which must be resolved through communication between you and your girlfriend.

Yes, if you are truly an important person in her life, your feelings about this situation are important. This appears to be an issue central to the nature of your relationship. If these plans were made before your girlfriend spoke with you about it, I would guess that you are not as important to her life plans and she is to yours.

Remember to believe the behavior you see and feel more than what you are told. It is usually valid.

Then you decide if this is the future you want.

Good luck
Ms Practical Etiquette

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