Is it proper for my husband's ex wife to invite us to her home?

by Amelia

My husband has two adult children with his ex. They have been divorced 15 years. She had an affair and married new hubby right after divorce. We have been married six years. Since that time, the ex wife has invited my husband and I to her home at least 6 times for "parties". I have graciously attended 4 of them with my husband. He went to one without me because I was out of town. Now there is a "couples" baby shower invite. I'd rather not attend these parties at her house but don't know how to address this. Should my husband go without me?

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Family Dynamics
by: Ms P Etiquette


This is not an etiquette question; it is a family relationship issue. However, from a "practical manners" point of view, there are few constants.

Whether or not it is "appropriate" for the two of you to be included in invitations from your husband's former wife, it is important that you respond as a couple. It seems to me that these invitations are no different from others you receive. You attend when convenient, when agreeable to both of you and when you can be gracious and comfortable. Beyond that, it is a wife and husband conversation.

Thank you for your interesting question.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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