left daughter's live- in off invitation list.

by Kathleen

Dear Miss Manners,

Our oldest daughter (30)is currently living with a man whom our entire family does not respect. He has earned this disrespect, believe me. Getting into that matter would take a while, so I will make it brief. (My daughter was married to a wonderful man whom we all adored.) The man she is living with was the one who broke them up and left his wife and one year old daughter as if THAT is not bad enough, he has done so much more since. And please know that we realize our daughter is just as guilty having an extra marital affair. It was four years ago and we all still feel sad this all transpired, yet we have only showed our daughter love throughout this ordeal. Our daughter and this man (33) moved in together for the first time in December. Question; Our youngest daughter is graduating from high school next Sunday and afterwards we are having a party at my sister's home. Custom invitations were sent out for both events. I only addressed our oldest daughters to her and left his name off of both of the invitations. Was this wrong?

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Invitation List
by: Ms P Etiquette


Family drama aside, I see no reason why you should regret your decision. It is well within the bounds of practical etiquette to send the invitation to your family only. Of course your daughter may become upset with this and ask you if she can bring him to the events. The answer to that question is entirely up to you.

Good luck,
Ms Practical Etiquette

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