Nasty sister in law; great in laws.

by Medic1220

My whole family dislikes my sister in law. However, we enjoy spending time with my in laws. Do we have to invite my sister in law to every dinner party? For example, New Years dinner.

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by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Medic~

I have two questions for you before I respond to your question. First, which of your sister-in-law's behaviors upset you and your family. Second, does your husband and the rest of his family feel the same way you do?

If she drinks too much and get obnoxious, then you can surely exclude her from family dinners after letting her know the reason you are doing so. Or there may be another reason just as serious. However, if your dislike for her comes from her general behavior, you have a stickier situation. First, you cannot exclude her, your husband has to do it. She is his sister. If he is not onboard with the plan, then you have to invite her, but not to EVERY dinner. You are allowed to visit with your in-laws without her present as long as it does not upset her parents and/or your husband.

I hope this helps. Remember, good manners call for civil behavior toward all your guests regardless of their shortcomings.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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