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My wife and I attended a party recently and her boss asked us, off topic, if we ever had an open relationship. Aghast, I blurted out, "NO! NO!" My response apparently embarrassed my wife, who didn't have a problem with the question, and I ended up in the hot seat. I know I could have responded more calmly, so I apologized later to the boss and made it clear I'm uncomfortable talking about my private life with those I don't know well to wit they responded, "Sorry YOU felt uncomfortable," not even a "Sorry I made you feel uncomfortable." I'm feeling a bit resentful because I mostly apologized so my wife wouldn't feel awkward at work. Did I even need to apologize to the boss?

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Sexual Harassment
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello No,

What an appalling conversation! I do not think your response was so out of the ordinary, if maybe a little loud! Please do not take this so seriously. If your wife’s job depends upon your being swingers, then she is in the wrong job anyway!

Ms. Practical Etiquette

Editor's Note: I would take this a step further than Ms PE. This is a clear violation of the sexual harassment statutes. Sexual Harassment extends beyond the walls of the office. Any company affair is also included. If a person in a more senior position makes others feel uncomfortable, regardless if the conversation was directed at that person or not, it is sexual harassment. What the "boss" does not understand is that he has opened his company and him up to prosecution and lawsuits. You are not in the wrong. He is. This is an open and shut case.

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