Out of town guests

by Karen
(Fayetteville NY)


For a bridal shower, who really gets invited. Beside family and friends of the two families.

Do you invite wifes of the husbands that work with the groom(the wifes never met the bride and groom?

Do I invite family members and friends of the couple that are out of state? If so, how to write in the invitation that I know they won't be able to attend, will miss them being here to celebrate???

Thanks again..

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The Bride's Day
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Karen~

The shower is for the bride, therefore you invite those the bride wishes to attend. Unless the shower is a surprise, of course. As an intimate and personal affair, the list should be kept to those who fit that description.

Usual attendees of bridal showers are friends and family of the bride, brides maids, and anyone else the bride includes. You are not obligated to invite any spouses she has not met unless the husband specifically requests this for business reasons. (this does not follow practical etiquette, however)

For those out of town family members and friends, send an invitation so they know they are included. If you know for certain someone is not coming, you can slip in a small note saying something like, "We wish you were joining us but understand that you cannot". Let the other out of town people send their RSVP. DO NOT send invitations to out of town people you don't really want to come. They may show up!

Have fun with this wonderful event.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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