Paying for dry cleaning when duvet cover soiled

While visiting a cousin, my husband got blood on a duvet cover. I offered to pay for the dry cleaning but was told that was not necessary as they were going to send them to the dry cleaners anyway. Should I just send a check for the cost of the dry cleaning in a thank you note?

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How to handle
by: Ms P Etiquette


Your offer to pay, no matter how sincere, was already declined. Proper etiquette is to accept her request with courteous regard. If you wish to thank them for their hospitality with more than the required thank you note, you can send a small gift of flowers or small box of candy. But you cannot send them money to pay for the dry cleaning.

How nice to have such a generous cousin!

Ms Practical Etiquette

Duvet Cover Sheets
by: Lolita

Some years ago I visited so dear friends who lived in London, the United Kingdom. I was offered a very comfortable bed for my stay. That said, I had severe gastro-intestinal symptoms. My friends gave me a duvet. Given my condition at the time I asked for an 'in between cover sheet'. My friends laughed and didn't think this was necessary. Luckily I awoke through the night and made the bathroom. I advocated for a cover sheet to save being embarrassed. Do you think this was the right and polite thing to do? How else could I have framed the situation?

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