quitting my career

by jean
(hernando fl)

My boyfriend is of means I won't say he is filthy rich but he is very comfortable. i work and have always worked he is retired. He wants me to quit my job I am 5 years away from Social security age but I am retired from the military.

My question is I am very independent and I don't think I would be comfortable asking for money all the time I am a frugal person however I feel like an allowance would not be out of the question for my daily needs it would make me feel better to know i have a set amount of money I can spend on my own without having to ask for it.

My salary is around 2000.00 a pay period of every two weeks. Do you think that asking for 2000 a month would be too much. I was thinking of an account that he could put the money into and then we could have a joint savings account and whatever money was left over at the end of the month of that 2000 i would put into the savings account.

Does this seem resonable to you? I am a clinical scientist.

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Life Intentions
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Jeanne,

Your concern about your financial freedom within this relationship are well founded. My advice is for the two of you to discuss this with each other and come to a plan of action that works for both of you. If your intention is to spend your lives together now and into the future, this is the time to open up with each other about your finances, an area that can cause difficulty to you both down the road.

Good luck.
Ms. Practical Etiquette

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