Receipt of an Overly Generous Gift

My wife and I helped a friend and neighbor load and move some items on their moving day for about 4 hours. We were happy to help as they were in a pinch and had to be out of the house that afternoon. This friend dropped off a thank you card with a $100 gift card. While we appreciate the card and giftcard we feel it is way too much and are not comfortable accepting such a gift. We helped out only as a favor for a long time friend. Any advice would be appreciated.

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Gift Acceptance
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Overly Generous Gift,

Accepting this gift from your neighbor is very appropriate. Be gracious when thanking him for his generosity. You may mention that you did not expect any reward for your assistance but DO NOT mention that it is too expensive since doing so would be very poor manners indeed. Gratitude and grace are the hallmarks of the well mannered recipient.

Enjoy it!

Ms Practical Etiquette

The Giver Overwhelmed by Your Help
by: Varghese Idiculla

While the thank-you note was perfectly fine, the cash gift was bit too much. But I believe the giver did it in the innocence of his heart. It's an eye-opener for everyone: the money was simply out=of-place. Nonetheless, in poor economies, there are people who will be tremendously blessed with that kind of gift. One needs to rightly evaluate the person helping one. In some cases the said kind of gift is just right while in other cases, it's just wrong and hurting. If you are confused about whether to give or not, or even do something else which will be less hurting for that person, consult a friend for guidance.

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