Reference to oneself

by Mia S.
(Lower Peachtree, AL, USA)

There is a student who--when calling my office--will refer to himself as Mister.


Telephone rings)
ME:Good morning, Department of Personnel. How may I help you?

HIM:Good morning. This is Mr. Bozeman.

ME:(Cringing because this sounds so awkward.)

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Referring to Oneself
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Mia,

Are you asking a question? It is unclear to me. And I do not understand your discomfort with the form of identification your caller gives. If a person wants to be addressed this way, it is appropriate for him to refer to himself as Mr. Bozeman. In fact, in many prep schools, even small boys are referred to as Mr. Jones, for example. Maybe you need to ask yourself why this causes you this distress. That is where you will find the real answer.

Ms Practical Etiquette

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