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Rudeness Stories cut across situational boundaries and are so bad that, whatever the situation, be it work, travel, vacation, family ... it has to be its own category. There is never an excuse for being rude, but how do you handle that situation? Do you meet rudeness with more rudeness? Or do you look for ways to create a more harmonious situation so that the underlying issue can be resolved?

On the rudeness page, some rude situations are delineated. Have you run into the screaming child in a store with the parents patiently looking on? What was your reaction? Or maybe you attended a party where the guest, usually with excessive alcohol involved, rudeness, polite manners, polite behavior, teaching respect, moral diplomacygot out of hand creating a dangerous situation if not downright vandalism? What was your reaction and what did you do? We all have encountered insolent behavior at work, and our reaction to that will determine whether it escalates or get diffused. These are but a few examples. We are after your examples.

As the rudeness page points out, being rude is really rooted in a lack of respect by the perpetrator. Clearly, then, earning the respect of the rude person seems incongruous to solving the issue. In fact, by acting like and adult and treating that person as an adult, is the most productive way to change the entire atmosphere and the discomfort of all of those reacting to this uncomfortable situation.

The most important part of the story is, however, how did you deal with it? Did you sink to the level of the situation or where you able to overcome and handle the situation in a mature manner? Why did it push your buttons? Are there ways to teach yourself not to let it reach that level of irritation in the future? There really is no excuse for rudeness. Is there a situation that justifies you reacting rudely?

rudeness, polite manners, polite behavior, teaching respect, moral diplomacy

Have A Story About Rudeness?

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Rudeness is NOT ok. Ever. It breaks hearts and the rude person is seen in a different light.

Share your experience about how rudeness has changed your perception (in a negative way) about someone.

We may learn something about ourselves thanks to your story...

We are all important for somebody's growth.

Thanks for sharing!

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It's really a pain to deal with someone who believes that he's right no matter what. He has to have the last word in everything. His suggestions are always …

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