Should my ex have brought his girlfriend to our twins communion?

by Michelle

My ex and I have been broken-up for 2 years. He has been dating a girl he says he loves for 1.5 years. His family came for our twin sons first communion. He showed up with his girlfriend because "she wanted to go and be a part of it". According to my sons, she has ignored them for the 4 months that he has had her in their lives (it took him over a year to have her involved in their lives & they have only known her for 4 months). He says she cares about them. I don't see how she could after only seeing them every Friday only, for four months as well as doing nothing to involve them during that time. They do not do children things and he asks me to take them during most of his visitations in favor of taking her out of town. I feel it was wrong for her to come. Am I the one who was wrong?

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Family Relationships
by: Ms P Etiquette

Dear Michelle,

This is not a matter of who is wrong. You are making an observation of another woman's lack of interest in your children. It seems as if their father is suffering from a lack of parental involvement as well. Trust your intuition on this and realize that her attendance at the First Communion was probably done to please him. Having said all that, relax and enjoy your children. Don't ever let anyone interfere with that precious relationship.

Good luck!
Ms Practical Etiquette

by: Anonymous

I am more than positive that she showed up for his mother's benefit. It doesn't sound like she has the interest of the children at heart & no, she shouldn't have come to the communion-the party after, if there was one as normally happens, would have been far more acceptable.

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