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My step daughter whom is 21 has a boyfriend whom is disrespectful toward me. Last year he gave me a card and my husband a very nice gift. Should my husband exchange gifts with him this year. I say no because he is no longer welcome in our home (many reasons why). My husband says he is stuck in the middle, I say he should support me and say he can not except a gift from him this year... what do you say?


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Family Relationships
by: Ms P Etiquette

Hello Step Mom~

While all the issues involved in your question are not clear, this appears to be more of a family matter than an etiquette question. What I hear is that your feelings are hurt, you have been left out and you wish your husband to take your side against his daughter's boyfriend. I suggest you and your husband have a calm, honest discussion about how your family relationships will be handled going forward. I agree that a united front is better than hurt feelings, but I do not know where the answer lies, only you and your husband know.

Good luck. Take care.
Ms. Practical Etiquette

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