Touching one's hair

by capri
(Space Coast FL)

I recall a rule of thumb being to never touch one's hair in public. I know it is a rule in regard to being seated at a table; but isn't it also a rule in general?

Thank you

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by: Ms P Etiquette


Of course, grooming oneself in public is always discouraged. Touching your own hair, not playing with it or brushing it, is fine. Playing with your hair while seated at a table with food is considered very poor etiquette. There is no general rule denying one the right to touch their own hair in public of which I am aware.

However, it is very poor behavior to touch another person's hair without permission, just as you would not touch other parts of their body. It is NEVER proper etiquette to ask a person of color if you can touch their hair. Apparently, it is enough of a common occurrence that much has been written about it. I hope you can see how insulting this would feel to the recipient of your request.

That is all I know about hair touching etiquette. If you find other information on this, please let us all know.

Thank you for your question.
Ms Practical Etiquette

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