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We all have our favorite travel stories, and since 9/11, with tighter security instituted to offer further safety and protection to the flying public, travel has only become more challenging. Our stories, however, are not just sourced from our air travel, but most any form of transportation, including piling into the family car for the annual family vacation. Whenever people are put in a situation of an extended period of time to spend together, etiquette rules will come into play to ensure a comfortable and considerate time for everyone.

The travel etiquette section of PracticalEtiquette covers various modes of travel, from airplane to cruises to train and car. Each of these modes has a unique set of etiquette guidelines to promote comfort and respect for your fellow passengers. Clearly we travel for a purpose, and usually for one of two reasons, either unique travel etiquette, business etiquette tips, polite manners, proper manners family time (aka vacation or a family get-together like a wedding) or for business. Here again, etiquette plays a role in those family time situations. And as we all know, all of this interaction will lead, eventually to a story whether it be as part of the journey or during our time at the destination.

Travel stories ... boy do I have those. From the fifteen hour flight from Dubai to NYC when the adults were acting up worst than the kids ... Or the time I was asleep on a cross-Atlantic flight to London only to be awakened in the middle of the night when another passenger fell in my lap. What did I do?

Oh, wait, this is about your stories. I am sure you have had similar stories. Let's hear them. We would be interested in what happened and how did you handle the rude situation to re-establish a comfortable environment?

I've heard people say, "The only people who like to travel are those who never do it." ... Wait, that was me. Your turn!!

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Below you will find travel etiquette stories from other readers.

Kids on airplaines Not rated yet
I hope my story is not very common. I was traveling from Chicago to Houston and there was a small kid behind my seat. I understand that kids sometimes …

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