Who should receive graduation announcements?

My daughter who is graduating from college in August is the youngest grand daughter in my family. Consequently, all of her cousins are now adults living on there own. She intends to send graduation announcememts to my sisters and brother--obviously her aunts and uncle, but is it appropriate to send announcements to her adult cousins? And if so which ones? When they were all graduating my children were still young and at home. They all live at least 1000 miles away so visits have been less than annually and when visiting not all cousins are around to see. Most are 10 plus years older...all have graduated from college so they know her achievement. This sounds so stupid. But I'm really stumped on what advice to give her.Can you write 'no gifts necessary'? Grasping for graduation grace....Grateful Mom

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Great Question!
by: Miss P Etiquette

Dear Grateful Mom~

Your question is certainly not stupid, it is thoughtful. I appreciate your asking for my advice.

It is acceptable to send graduation announcements to anyone you wish. This is a time of celebration, an occasion that will be appreciated by anyone who has had the same experience.

Your question implies that you feel an announcement is a request for a gift. I doubt that the recipients will feel that way. However, you may have the announcement say, no gifts if you wish. If you do that, those who wish to send a remembrance gift to your daughter may be disappointed.

My advice is to share the joy of your daughter's accomplishments with your family members and friends then graciously accept their congratulations as well as any gifts they may send.

Good luck!
Miss Practical Etiquette

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