Cell Phone Etiquette

Cell phone etiquette is a growing need. The number of users around the world is increasing exponentially as we speak.

Surprisingly, surveys indicate that people find annoying when other people speak on their mobile phones in public places but they consider themselves to use courtesy while on the phone. These two statements contradict each other.

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Laws are becoming the Etiquette Police on the use of wireless phones. Now it is not allowed to use it while driving or in places like theatres, schools or meeting rooms.

Here are some basic etiquette points to follow while on the cell phone:

1) A phone conversation is distracting. For your own safety and the safety of others, do not speak on the cell phone while driving, not even with hands-free devices. Your full focus must be on the road, not split between your conversation and the road.

2) Turn off your mobile phone while in the theatre, class room or meeting room. Everybody, say performer, attendant, or speaker, made an effort to be there and deserve the utmost respect, just like you do. Even if your ring tone is in vibration mode, when you answer the phone you distract everybody and it is really, really annoying.

cell phone etiquette, cell phone manners, cellular phone etiquette, business phone etiquette3) Keep your conversations private. If you are at the restaurant and must take the call, excuse yourself and go outside to attend the call. Your business is only yours.

4) When you are with someone, give this person your undivided attention and turn your cell phone off. There is nothing more annoying than being replaced by a phone call, even if it’s just for few minutes. Basic courtesy.

5) Do not use your cell phone to deal with delicate issues, like the break-up of a relationship or the news of a terminal illness. Use your judgement. Delicate issues should be dealt in person.

Bottom line: Give everything and everybody the importance and attention they deserve. Just because you have great technology at your disposal, does not permit you to forget about the basics in human relations.

Cell phones are there to serve us, not the other way around.

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